What Did We Do Against Counterfeiting with Our Artificial Intelligence-Based Online Brand Protection Solution in 2023?


The number of counterfeit products is rising daily, which is quite detrimental to brands. According to research, counterfeit products cost the clothing industry approximately 12 billion euros a year, or 5.2% of total sales, and are the biggest source of damage. We have made significant efforts to eradicate them in 2023 as Counterfake, an artificial intelligence-based online brand protection solution, and we have been quite successful. Every day, we expand by incorporating new brands into our existing portfolio.

We closed 5,042 out of 16,883 distinct vendors fully by assessing a total of 559,743 products on 42 platforms, shutting 109,839 products in total. At 330 million TL, the economic worth of these counterfeit products that we closed is rather substantial. The significance of online  protection for brands is once again demonstrated by this statistics.

Top wear has 104,529 products in its category, making it the most risky category according to data. Shoes come in second with 48,432 items. Among the top 5 are bags, outerwear, and bottoms.

We scanned risky products on 42 different platforms as Counterfake. Topping the list of second-hand platforms with 165,493 products, it visibly poses a significant risk, judging by the numbers. Following closely with a count surpassing 21,000 are virtual shop platforms and social media platforms. Encountering counterfeit products is a prevalent issue across various types of platforms.

Among the platforms whose products are taken down the most are the second hand platforms, which has the riskiest items on it. We observe a high rate of success in closures on social media platforms. On individual websites, we have nearly completed the closure process for all of them.

The number of sellers of counterfeit products is growing daily, seriously diminishing the value of brands. Imagine the countless hours invested in building your brand; protecting it from online counterfeiting is now easier than ever. Counterfake, equipped with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, identifies and eliminates counterfeit product listings automaticly just for your brand. The security of your brand and the prevention of consumers falling victim to counterfeiting are our top priorities. We're here to take you a step ahead in the fight against counterfeiting.

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